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Hewad Bagram Group of Companies is a privately owned firm organized by its founder, Amir Gul Mohammad on August, 2002 with its former trade name Hewad Construction Company in Kabul Afghanistan and was formally changed its business name and registered with the Afghanistan Investment Agency (AISA), as the Hewad Bagram Group of Companies (HBGC) just recently.


The purpose of this firm is to develop an organization that provides jobs and dividends to our community for decades to come. We are not just another construction company, but a firm striving to “reset the standard” for construction services in Afghanistan. Central to our focus is an ongoing commitment to building community and employment opportunities at a local level. Our investment extends beyond the completion of construction projects. We engage subcontractors and employ local staff creating an opportunity to increase skills, develop sustainable business and maintain partnership.


Hewad Bagram Group of Companies (HBGC) has a proven successful record in the delivery of projects within conflict regions. Our successful record in Afghanistan has translated into a practical and strategic operational model driven by excellent performance standards and the achievement of all benchmarks.


The successful delivery of projects required resilience to overcome challenges and identify issues that impacted on construction works and methodology. As a dynamic and responsive organization HBGC provides advice to both company and its client relevant to meeting unique challenges within Afghanistan.

What sets HBGC apart from the competition is not so much the finished product, but the manner in which we deliver it. We recognize that the foundation of our business is relationships! Relationships not just with important clients, but with everyone we deal with including local officials, subcontractors, suppliers, maintenance crews, employees, etc. The real key to building successful relationships is “service”. We clearly recognize that the success of each project and the overall success of this company is totally dependent upon the individual people with which we work. It is our intent to earn the confidence and loyalty of these people and entities through our commitment to “servitude”. This means putting others’ needs first, and making sure each person involved with a project is treated as “most important”.

HBGC has the capacity to combine all elements relevant to construction, safety, security, personnel and quality to any project, exceeding expectations.

Masoud Khan Hotak

General Manager


November 2018

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