Construction Services

HBGC Construction Services

HBGC Construction Services provides in-depth management and supervision of all of its projects, with hands-on involvement by the company’s principals and project supervisors form start to finish. In addition to general building tenant improvement, HBGC also provides added value to clients with its ability to self-perform structural and architectural concrete work.

Construction Services Provides

 Site Development and Surveying Works
 Multi Storey Building for both Residential and Commercial Construction
 Asphalt, Base Course and Concrete Road Construction
 Culvert and Drainage System Construction
 Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Works
 Mechanical and Piping Works
 Electrical Works
 Generator Supply, Installation and Synchronization Works
 High Quality Security Fence and Guard Towers
 Force Protection Construction
 Rehabilitation and Reconstruction Works
 Water and Waste Water System Construction
 Design and Consulting Works

The Construction Services Department handles its project independently to one another. HBGC provides different batch of resources for both manpower and equipment for each project.

Project Management Team: operates a project-specific methodology where works are broken down into the prime engineering disciplines of civil, electrical, architectural, and design. These works are executed under a construction management and supervisory-tiered structure. A small project unit led by a specialist engineer and supported by a team of site supervisors and labor manages each of these disciplines. All projects teams receive strategic and operational support from Head Office.

Each project is controlled by a Project Manager who is supported by a multi-lingual Construction Manager / Site Superintendent and a tier of specialists to undertake the design, civil and electrical / mechanical engineering works, QA/QC, soil lab testing, survey, site administration, HS&E, and on-site security. Controls and project mechanisms are implemented to best practice standards for procurement, transport and logistics of personnel, coordinated site access and on-site movement of personnel, goods, materials, vehicles and construction equipment.

Building Communities: Intrinsic to the successful completion of projects is a commitment to building communities and increasing capacity for training, employment and business development. HBGC translates a global community vision into practical outcomes for the immediate community and surrounding construction projects. This level of commitment complies with both government priorities and our company mission to contribute to the development of infrastructure within communities affected by conflict.

Project Framework: HBGC has developed and implemented a project framework to meet the specific requirements for construction. This project framework will match exactly with the statement of works for this compound. HBGC is responsible for complete project management with significant and vital services performed in-house. This provides an opportunity for total quality control and the achievement of outcomes inside specific performance benchmarks relevant to quality, safety, delivery timeframes, construction methodology and warranties.

HBGC achieves significant added value through the application of this business model, which engages specialist subcontractors throughout the region. This creates a diversity of options when undertaking projects and applies a risk mitigation control mechanism at a project level.

Communication Structure: HBGC will establish effective communications between appropriate project management and company representatives. The function of this structure will be to establish an ongoing and appropriate communication process that informs, identifies issues and monitors progress.

Quality Assurance and Control: HBGC will implement a structural quality plan with required visual inspections, reports and all testing requirements and proper frequencies as per requirement and specification. HBGC quality management team will submit all documentation in the required timeframe to request joint inspection checks and requests for testing on all aspects of works. Approval for all materials will be submitted to start works. HBGC will submit a quality plan for approval as part of this bid and will fulfil the special inspection requirements.

HBGC brings together all of the above elements in a fluid and seamless structure in order to drive performance across all projects. Our competitive advantage in any construction project resides in our current experience and performance base. HBGC excels inside challenging environments and maximizes outputs for all stakeholders. Building on experience and constructing internal capacity we continue to focus on improving quality benchmarks and meeting the expectations of the client, company, community and Government.


November 2018

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